Your partners in the technology business

We offer the tools to automate and optimize your processes and the technical skills to help you to customize and integrate the solutions.

  • All software solutions are available as SaaS (subscription-based software) or customized versions on your private servers.
  • Our team offers skills in Innovation and Technology management, Market analysis, Radio and HF engineering, R&D processes.
  • We have helped clients to launch technological startups and internal initiatives: Process setup, team hiring, talent pipeline, organization of proven motivation programs for technical employees.
  • We will help you to optimize your R&D: setup or reconfiguration of business processes and employee motivation programs, restructuring your current staff.

TechAbantu SaaS solutions

TechAbantu focuses on enterprise software, blockchain, big data and machine learning, and adjacent technologies including shared ledger, distributed ledger, and smart contracts.

  • Traceability and Origin-of-goods for supply chain and manufacturing
  • Web-based ("mobile first") and API integration capability
  • All blockchain-based solutions are on private blockchains


We have launched the KBantu service for cybersecurity. We are making this available only in certain geographical areas. An overview of the service is on the Russian version of this page.

Contributions to open source

TGPO contributes actively to See author jentre for details.

Business training

Our partners, Allé consulting, offer training for your teams:

Training and team building may be organized in your office or in other locations. Our trainers are ready to come to your city to conduct the training.

The latest news about us


This week Jennifer Trelewicz gave the first presentation on the International Telecommunications Summit 2021 ( in the section on...

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