Why hire an experienced C-suite executive (CEO, CTO, CIO) on a term contract?
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  • Fast and easy hiring: They are not part of your direct staff, so you do not need to worry about benefits packages, work permits for foreign experts, eliminating or changing the position later, etc.
  • Skills in Innovation and Technology management, Market analysis, Radio and HF engineering, R&D processes.
  • Opportunity to bring in Russian-speaking Western experts without the headache of hiring foreigners: they are legally hired as our employees, your contract is with our company.
  • Confidentiality: Only you will know that the executive is on a term contract. The executive will work with your clients and partners as if a regular member of your executive staff.
  • Launch your technological startup or internal initiatives: Process setup, team hiring, talent pipeline, organization of proven motivation programs for technical employees
  • Optimize your R&D: setup or reconfiguration of business processes and employee motivation programs, restructuring your current staff

You can view our presentation at this link.

Business training and teambuilding
  • We offer experienced trainers and a unique format, which helps your employees to better learn and apply the information.
  • Our courses cover important topics for your business:
  • Training and teambuilding may be organized in your office or in other locations. Our trainers are ready to come to your city to conduct the training.
  • The language for training and teambuilding is Russian, but we offer live English translation for your international team members.
  • Small business or State/municipal entities? We offer special discounts.


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  • A "responsive" site shows appropriately on all devices, including PC, tablet, and telephone. We create responsive sites for the comfort of your site's visitors.
  • We offer the services of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts.
  • Our reference projects include the following:
    • The trainer's page (in Russian): a resource for martial artists, trainers, and parents; internet store of products and services.
    • Drupal module dellin for integrating with the API of Delovie Linii, a leading logistics company for Russian internet stores.
    • Drupal module KLADR form for using KLADR (Classification of addresses for Russian Federation) in internet stores.