Jennifer Trelewicz on the International Telecommunications Summit 2021

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This week Jennifer Trelewicz gave the first presentation on the International Telecommunications Summit 2021 ( in the section on security in telecommunications. Her talk, "Blockchain in telecommunications solutions: niche, but important technology for audit and information security" covered Deutsche Telekom's new project for roaming settlements on blockchain, also an application of blockchain for facilitating audit. As well, she announced the new solution of TechAbantu, providing protection from servers against ransomware and other attacks.

"Blockchain may be a 'hype' technology, but so were neural networks in the 1980s, and now they are everywhere. Blockchain plays an important role in a certain class of solutions, and is already in production in a number of cases. Telecommunications companies are the foundation of modern business, so they can be the avant-garde in offering such services." - said Jennifer.

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